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Wish I had this sooner!

I was shocked to see my bottle showed up after only 4 days with free shipping, amazing bottle

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
Riley Duggen (Kelowna, CA)
Worth Every Penny!

I absolutely love my BrioShaker! I had used several shakers before but never used one as high quality as this! I cant say enough good things about this bottle, does just as advertised! Sometimes some protein gets stuck in the lid a bit but I mean my protein is really sticky and thick so I cant complain! The bottle itself is always so clean and never has protein stuck to it! Cant wait to see what products they come out with next. Awesome to talk to the owner himself as well. Great customer service and a really solid brand with an amazing product!

Excellent bottle

The bottle itself appears to do exactly as advertised!! Doesn’t sweat with cold inside, no residue and no smells so far. The lid is a standard plastic lid and let’s the whole package down a little but very good closure and works

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
kashif shaikh (Mumbai, IN)

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
Heidi Cannon (Maple Ridge, CA)
Best bottle ever!

I absolutely love my Brioshaker!! Packs easy stays super cold love love love it!

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
naveed avery (Kelowna, CA)
Love it!

This is a solid bottle. Exactly what you'd want from a shaker bottle that isn't cheap plastic, keeps your drink cold, the protein or pre-workout smell doesn't linger in the bottle afterwards.

Keeps my drinks cold all day

the best bottle I have ever owned

Diddnt think this would work

WORTH EVERY PENNY! Some how keeps the odors away and doesnt stink, cant wait for new colors

Highly recommend

Love showing this thing off to my buddies. Very cool stink proof idea, love mine a lot

My drinks taste even better

Had to buy two because my frist one got stolen within a week of me getting it!

Keeps my drinks ice cold

WORTH EVERY PENNY! It is beautiful and is great for taking to the gym, cant wait for new colors

love the bottle

Ice in my bottle all day long, its no joke. Havent tried 24h yet because I always end up drinking all my water first

The best bottle

Looks really nice and the lid and bottle itself are very well constructed

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
Brianna Miller (Calgary, CA)
Amazing water bottle!

First waterbottle that hasn’t leaked on me!

Great bottle and great customer service

title says it all

Such a good bottle, it was stolen!

Apparently, this is the greatest bottle on planet earth, because we have 15 other bottles/shaker cups in my home, and yet, my wife has claimed this one as her own and refuses to relinquish it. Apparently, it doesn't hold a smell and "keeps cold drinks tastier, longer".

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
Omar Alsuqair (Riyadh, SA)

Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™

Small details.

The bottle itself is great, it keeps everything cool and is very easy to clean. A little bit on a heavy side — but I don't mind since it is of a good quality.

What I don’t like is that it is hard to screw in the cap — it is a little bit finicky and sometimes requires a second try to close it tightly.

I also don’t like that the silicone seal falls off way too easy.
Without it, the bottle is leaking (hard) — the silicone seal just fell off during my second gym session with the bottle and got lost — I wasn't even aware you could pull it out.


Use it all the time

Use it every day!

worth the price


I use this every where I go! So easy to clean and it doesn’t stink! Really LOVE LOVE LOVE this bottle! Thank you BrioBottle!

Couldn’t be more happy with this

Really good design

Great customer service

I love this bottle SO MUCH! It is so sexy and makes me feel like a beast too! Use it every day in the gym

Shipped so fast

Never leaves my side! Really well built and I know it will last

Worth it

Its great for the gym! Just hard to drink out of some times