Our Story

Every good story starts with an even better problem. In our case it was the water bottle. Typically plastic, fragile and not something that would last you too long. We were tired of drinking warm water in the summer out of dirty, stinky bottles. Most of us at BrioBottle are heavily involved in sports or fitness and you can typically find any one of us drinking upwards of 1 gallon of water a day! If there is one thing we are passionate about its hydration!

Not seeing many heavy duty, large volume water bottle options (not that there aren’t other great options) we decided we would make our own!

Not something that is pretty and covered in glitter or some sort of out of this world advanced technology, no! We understand the importance of simplicity and quality and so over the course of 2 years working abroad with various manufacturers we finalized the design for the BrioBottle, our flagship product!

After months and months of rigorous testing, consumer trials and quality control we knew we were ready to launch! Simply put, the BrioBottle is a bottle that is built to last a lifetime. One and done! Quality and resilience you can trust.

After the official launch of BrioBottle in 2018, there were struggles and hurdles but there was noticeable growth as the BrioBottle could soon be seen all over the USA and the world!

Things were going good until Covid reared its ugly head...

It was impossible to re stock inventory, and everything came to a screeching halt. We spent nearly a year and a half slowly planning and restructuring more sustainable products/materials and refreshing the overarching mission of BrioBottle.

With any business, you must take a deep look at “why”?

Why build this business? Why put the time and money in? Why make the sacrifices? For too many business owners out there the answer is profit, attention or power. Don’t get us wrong, were we tempted by these desires? Of course! But after some hard and honest reflection we realized that we already had more than enough already. We realized that with your help we could have a real shot at making a difference in this world! Weather that be helping one person or several thousands! How? You are probably wondering.

With many charitable options out there, we thought that helping to bring fresh drinking water to those less privileged all over the world would be the perfect fit for BrioBottle!

Like we mentioned earlier, we want to make the biggest positive impact and so, by unanimous decision, we agreed to donate 100% of proceeds to charity. With the help of charity: water we hope to make a global change together! For every bottle sold one person gets access to clean drinking water for a year! The charitable aspect of the company has been implemented in March of 2022 and we are looking forward to see how big of an impact we can make!

To learn more about BrioBottles charitable efforts click here!

From here the rest of our story is still to be written. We hope that you choose to become part of the rest of the story because without you, change is not possible!


- Team BrioBottle