Our Story

 My name is Lukas Pfob

It all started out when I first got into bodybuilding! As any of you who compete know, you are constantly drinking ALOT of water in order to make sure you are optimizing your results! Being a first timer at only 18 years old, going to compete was scary and I definitely didn't want to under do it and so you would often see me lugging around my old one gallon stinky milk jug or empty cranberry juice bottle from Costco!

I remember washing my bottles religiously almost every single day to get those stinky odors out that came from chugging down 135oz of water every single day! I would be lucky if I got to use one bottle for more than a week! I had continued to drink this amount of water regularly as I went on to compete for a second and third time but never found the right solution to my bottle problem...

...I tried every bottle under the sun but broke almost all of them and threw out the rest. There was only one large volume stainless steel water bottle available but it would have costed me well over $150 to get. Not only that, it only had a 30 day warranty, so the owners didn't even trust it to last for more than one month!

...I was getting frustrated and wasn't finding a solution...

I continued living with this annoying issue for almost 2 years and then it hit me! Within one week I had spotted 28 guys in my local gyms who were bringing in stinky plastic milk jugs into the gym to stay hydrated! At that point I knew I was going to make a solution for the dedicated bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts like myself and the several others who were struggling with this same issue! I didn't want to make something with all these pretty bells and whistles, no. I wanted a no bullshit, superior built product that wasn't going to have to make you take out a small loan to get and that would last you a lifetime! Shortly after that I founded the bottle business that would soon have athletes all over the world raving, BrioBottle!


What does "Brio" even mean?

By definition “Brio” means {with life and vigor, energy and passion} A word that would be one to describe the hardest workers in the room, the late night grinders and the early morning enthusiasts. It is a word that is reserved for those who take life head on and give their very all to what they do. I value that and wanted to build a brand and community around that very idea of living and striving for a life full of energy, vigor and passion. I hope you feel the same way I do and look forward to having you join the fastest growing worldwide community of health minded passionate individuals! Happy hydrating!


Yours Kindly

-Lukas Pfob