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Stink Proof Insulated BrioShaker™
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The brand new patented BrioShaker™ is the premier shaker bottle. Ever leave your protein in the hot sun all day just to come back to a bottle that smells like month old gym socks? Have to clear the room just to clean the bottle? No matter how many times you was that shaker with extra helpings of elbow grease you still cant get rid of the stink? Stink no more! The patented BrioShaker™ is the very first of its kind! We would like to present to you the worlds first stink proof insulated stainless steel shaker bottle. Each bottle is made out of the highest quality double walled stainless steel and coated with our patented interior ceramic coating. This coating ensures that no odors will be left behind! 100% FDA approved with no leaching chemicals or materials guaranteed! Get yours today and be one of the first to enjoy your ice cold protein free from unwanted odors!

Patented Stink Proof Interior - Our FDA approved interior ceramic coating keep those nasty odors from sticking behind!

The Cleanest Shaker You've Owned - Extremely easy to clean. Stick and stain proof.

All Day Ice Cold Protein - The insulated stainless steel construction provides 24h of cold beverage enjoyment and up to 12h of hot.

24oz Capacity - Hold up to 24oz of hydration and measure your fluids out perfectly thanks to our embossed interior volume markings

No Accidental Spills - Not only is each BrioShaker™ guaranteed leak proof, our screw of drinking cap also ensures that there wont ever be a protein disaster when you throw your shaker in your gym bag.

Changing the game
With Unsurpassed Quality And Innovation


We know how frustrating it is drinking warm protein after your workout or having to deal with lingering odors the leave your shaker smelling like a dirty gym sock! Nobody should have to deal with that! It is our mission to create the highest quality stick, stink and stain resistant shaker that will last you a lifetime. You work your ass off every day and deserve a bottle that will work just as hard!


so nothing gets left behind

Double Wall

Means 24h Cold / 12h Hot


for precise measurements.

Screw off
drinking cap

means no accidental spills.
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My name is Lukas Pfob and I am the founder of BrioBottle. It has been such an exciting challenge growing BrioBottle and making meaningful connections with you, the individuals who make it all possible. I am a natural athlete who quit my career as a carpenter to peruse my dream and passion. Life is made to be full of excitement so take that risk, you will thank yourself later!

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