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We know how frustrating it is drinking warm protein after your workout or having to deal with lingering odors that leave your bottle smelling like a dirty gym sock! Nobody should have to deal with that! It is our mission to create the highest quality stick, stink and stain resistant shaker that will last you a lifetime while helping make clean drinking water accessible to everyone! You work your ass off every day and deserve a bottle that will work just as hard! To learn more about our story click here!

Brio /ˈbrēō/

[ vigor or vivacity of style or performance ]

By definition “Brio” means {with life and vigor, energy and passion} A word that would be one to describe the hardest workers in the room, the late night grinders and the early morning enthusiasts. It is a word that is reserved for those who take life head on and give their very all to what they do. We value that and wanted to build a brand and community around that very idea of living and striving for a life full of energy, vigor and passion. We hope you feel the same way we do and look forward to having you join the fastest growing worldwide community of health minded passionate individuals while helping to bring clean drinking water to the world!

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