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BrioBottle™ - BrioBottle
BrioBottle™ - BrioBottle
BrioBottle™ - BrioBottle
BrioBottle™ - BrioBottle
BrioBottle™ - BrioBottle


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   Dehydration is most likely having a much bigger impact on your day to day life than you expect! When you are dehydrated your body will not perform at its highest potential and can cause you serious illness and sub-optimal performance. How are you supposed to stay healthy and quenched when you are drinking just a few small cups of water a day? Optimal water consumption is around one gallon of water consumption a day which can be very hard to achieve especially if you are living a busy life.

   That is where the BrioBottle comes in. It is the biggest bottle around and is built for those who take hydration, gains and overall health seriously! No fancy bells or whistles, the BrioBottle is simply one of the best built, big ass water bottles that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Its time to be serious about your hydration. Now lets just see how much more you can achieve.


  • 64 OZ Capacity: No more filling up on the go or worrying if you are getting enough hydration. With each bottle holding just under a half a gallon you can be sure you are living each day fully hydrated
  • 24 hours cold / 9 hours hot: Each BrioBottle is double wall vacuum insulated which means your ice cold water stays ice cold longer and your hot drinks still burn after a long day
  • Stain and odor resistant: Forget to wash out your protein and now its gone bad? Or maybe leave your coffee in all week long? Simply wash with warm water and soap to quickly remove any stains or nasty odors. Built out of food grade stainless steel to ensure each drink stays crisp and fresh
  • No spill lid / leak proof: The dual size opening lid ensures that you can easily drink on the go without dumping half of your beverage on yourself. When secured properly, each BrioBottle is also guaranteed leak proof
  • Built to last a lifetime: Each BrioBottle is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials to ensure that you are getting a product that wont ever let you down. High quality food grade stainless steel for the bottle, a stress tested hardened plastic cap with a tougher than nails powder coated finish means that your bottle is built to take a beating.
  • 110% Satisfaction Guarantee: We believe in each BrioBottle so much that we back up each purchase with a 110% satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't satisfied with your investment we will give you your money back and an extra 10%!  


-Bottle volume: 64oz (2 L)
-Material: BPA free double walled stainless steel
-Color: Powder-coated Midnight Black
-Bottle size: 4 5/8" (123mm) in diameter by 11 3/8" (280mm) in height
-Opening sizes: 3/4" (20mm) wide drinking opening, 2 1/8" (53mm) wide bottle opening
-Lanyard opening size: 1" (25mm) wide, 1 3/8" (35mm) tall

What comes with the bottle
1 Container
1 Lid


Checkout the Warranty page for more details on the LIFETIME GUARANTEE!


Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Walter Holme
Love this product!

I use this bottle every day!

Tony M
Quick and easy

I use this bottle every day!

Brent F
Must have

Love showing this thing off to my buddies. Its huge and looks amazing, use it every day!

Ernest Greer

I like the lid but it hurts your finger a bit if you carry it for a long time

good bottle

Works like a charm

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