How to Gain Muscle Fast, The Essential Supplement

Many people constantly ask "how do I gain muscle fast?". I was in the same boat at one point. Read on to find out the main reason you might not be building that dream physique of yours.

The secret to gain muscle fast...

There seems to be new and even more "impressive" supplements popping up on the market each and every day. Each of these claim to be able to help you gain muscle fast, lose that tummy over night or cut down to have you looking like a greek god in a few weeks. Though there are several great supplements out there that absolutely help your body build muscle and lose fat, the one important thing to keep in mind if you want any of this is to make sure your body has everything it needs to build that muscle that you want. That being said, there is one essential supplement that reigns tall over all others.

Water is the essential supplement that the majority of people overlook.

A survey of 3003 Americans conducted by the Nutrition Information Center in April 14, 1998 showed that a staggering 75% OF PEOPLE ARE CHRONICALLY DEHYDRATED!! How is your body supposed to grow if if doesn't even have the most basic element it needs?! Several of these individuals studied were drinking several glasses of water a day but alot of their hydration was depleted due to caffeinated beverages and high sodium diets. The list of negative symptoms caused by dehydration is far to long for me to include in this article but there are a few key benefits hydration has on muscle growth.

Good hydration builds muscles

With the right amount of training, nutrition and most importantly hydration, you muscles are bound to grow. Water is responsible for transporting all of those meticulously prepared meals of yours to your muscles after digestion. It is removes waste from the muscle tissue and greatly reduces cramping and fatigue. Proper hydration also looks really good! Your muscles are 79% water! How are your muscles supposed to look full and function properly when you arent giving it enough of well... itself!? Lastly, drinking lots of water keeps your skin tight which brings out more definition and shape to your hard earned gains!

The perfect amount of hydration

 As with anything, having too much of it can make any substance become toxic. So when it comes to water, drink lots but not enough to hurt yourself! The American College of Sports Medicine found that one person should not be drinking over 12 quarts of water in a 24h period. That is 384 ounces or 3 gallons of water! The ideal amount of water consumption lies somewhere in the middle. I would suggest experimenting and measuring energy and strength levels throughout the day but the best amount of water I have settled on is between 1.5 - 2 gallons of water a day. That is the real secret to gain muscle fast!


Make sure you have the right bottle to help you reach your hydration goals!


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